What I do?

I am an absolvent of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology.
I would like to present my projects that I’ve made as a part of my studies
and other works such as drawings or photographs.


Thing closely related to my studies and at the same time my passion. I get most joy from architectural design or creating the surroundings of buildings and the greenery that accompanies them. Interiors and urban planning-in my case- require a bit more time and patience, but give a lot of satisfaction!


That is how my adventure with the architecture began. As a kid I have been inseparable from pencil, which helped me to develop my skills, and then pass my entrance exam. Now I appreciate every moment that I can devote to express myself through my works.


Something that I treat as a hobby and do amateurishly. The possibility of capturing something ephemeral with a single click of the shutter- pure magic. I get pleasure from looking at photos or studying the composition. I hope that one day I will be able to boast my original collection of photographs -preferably from a trip around the world.